Mainly Music
What is it?

Started in 1990, mainly music is a fun group for parents or primary care givers to enjoy together with their young child.


Throughout the session, children develop gross and fine motor skills, language, imagination, maths and pre-reading skills as well as socialise with others.  Each mainly music is associated with and run by volunteers from a local church.  Children are introduced to music, creativity and more, plus families are given a chance to think about the God-part of life.


Amazing to think that all this can be achieved in a loving, shared family environment.

What happens?

Young children and their parents/caregivers join together for a fun, thirty-minute music session, then afterwards enjoy refreshments in a relaxed setting whilst the children play with the toys, supervised by the team.  mainly music is an activity you and your child (birth to school age) can participate in.

Event Details

Thursdays at 9.30 am.

Seagate Church, 33 – 35 W. Portland Street, Troon.

£3 per family, per session.

More Information

If you would like more information about mainly music please contact one of the team by email at .

What is it?

CAP Job Club is designed to help people who for whatever reason find themselves unemployed and who want to get back into the job market.


The club aims to provide lots of support and assistance (as well as some fun) through the often difficult journey of getting back into employment.

Will I need to bring anything?

No, just bring yourself.  Lunch is provided along with access to laptops and the internet to help with Job searches.

Where & When

Every Thursday lunchtime from 11.30pm to 2pm at Seagate Church.

More Information

If you would like more information about the club you can visit The CAP Job Club Website.

Christianity Explored Logo
What is it?

Christianity Explored is an informal course for people who’d like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics.

It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him.

Will I need to do anything?

You won’t be asked to pray, sing or read aloud, and you can ask any questions you like. Or, if you prefer, you can just come along and listen.

Where & When

Our next course will be in early 2019.  Details will follow…

More Information

If you would like more information about the course you can visit .

What is it?

For people who are over 50, every Tuesday at 10am from September through May we have the Tuesday’s at 10 group in the church hall.


There is lots of tea and coffee together with plenty of home baking and biscuits and it is a great place for people to find friendship, community and support.

Where & When

It usually starts with a fun quiz, followed by a short Bible based talk and then any number of different activities including table tennis, darts, jigsaws, painting, knitting, board games and a lot more besides.


It is a lot of fun and new people are always assured of a warm welcome.

What is it?

JAM time (Jesus and Me) is our Sunday School. It provides Bible teaching for children while the adults are in the main service listening to the sermon.

Towards the end of the family service the children return to the main hall to tell us what they have been learning in Jam Time

Where & When

JAM time is held during the family service and takes place in the back hall of the church. Whether you are new to church or visiting for a short time, your children will be made very welcome.

What is it?

Youth Fellowship is our Sunday night youth group. It is for anyone in secondary school (S1 – S6) and it is a time for young people to learn about and discuss the Bible and how to apply it to their everyday lives. There are also lots of games and plenty of laughs as well.

Where & When

It is at the Meadowgreen centre (144 Deveron Road) from 7.30 till 9.00pm. It would be fantastic to see you there.